The UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid has among its objectives to train students, faculty members, specialists and teachers at different levels of education as well as educators from no-formal contexts.

In this area, the Chair:

  • Develops activities and training actions on education for social justice in the Degrees of Teacher of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, as well as in different Master Degrees at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the UAM.
  • Receives international researchers from different universities and training centers for research stays, as well as students from the Autonomous University of Madrid for training and collaboration activities.
  • Welcomes internship students from different Master’s degrees, as well as collaborating students for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at the UAM.
  • Is developing MOOCs on education for social justice.
  • Works on the compilation of good practices in education for Social Justice in the Degrees and Master’s degrees of the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Participates in courses and workshops aimed at teachers, management teams and other professionals in the educational field:
    • 3er annual course of the aFFaC: School segregation. By F. Javier Murillo and Cynthia Martínez-Garrido (March 2021).
    • Methodology and experiences of socioeconomic research in education: comparative indicators in the non-university educational system, directed to auditors in the field of education, by F. Javier Murillo (July 2020).
    • Online Course Environmentalism or Barbarism by Adrián Almazán (May 2020 -June 2020).
    • How does neoliberalism rule us? From institutions to subjectivity organized by the MIRCo research group of the Autonomous University of Madrid, by Luisa Martín Rojo (April 2020).
    • What is Service-Learning and how to start a project, course of the UAM Teacher Training Program. Taught by Pilar Aramburuzabala, Marisa Santos and Charo Cerrillo (February and March 2020).
    • Workshop Building democracy in our schools, directed to students of Sociocultural Animation and Tourism in Barrio de Bilbao School (Madrid), by Guillermina Belavi, Nina Hidalgo, Raquel Graña, Claudia Guiral, Carlos Flores, Yasin Turk, Ignacio Linaza y Sol Palacios (February 2020)
    • Campos: Lab Art of Artistic Production, Quantum Physics and Oriental Tradition held at the Complutense University of Madrid, by Natalia Molina (January 2020 -February 2020).
    • Memory and Education for Peace, directed to the university community of Social Sciences and professionals interested in the subject. Organized in collaboration with the DEMOSPAZ Institute and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Janary–February 2020).
    • Educational leadership for social justice was held within the framework of the I International Congress on Education and Technology in Sciences (CISETC), Peru. By F. Javier Murillo (December 2019).
    • Training cycle on alternative evaluation for social justice, directed to the teachers and management team of the CEIP Palomeras Bajas, Madrid. By Nina Hidalgo (November 2019 -April 2020).
    • Education in and for social justice, directedto secondary school teachers, León. By F. Javier Murillo y Nina Hidalgo (November 2019).
    • Education and leadership for Social Justice, directed to management teams in the municipalities of Recife, Cabo de Santo Domingo and Pernambuco, Brazil. By F. Javier Murillo (June 2019).
    • The school space as an educational instrument, directed to management teams of nursery and primary schools organized by the Territorial Centre of Innovation and Training in Madrid Capital (April 2019-May 2019)
    • Development of inclusive and quality schools for all, directed to principals and teachers of public schools of the Municipality of Peñalolén, Santiago de Chile. By F. Javier Murillo (January 2019).