Master in Education for Social Justice

The main objective of the Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice is to train students in a way that allows them to start a research career and/or improve their professional specialization in the field of education committed to society that favors critical reflection. on the problems of exclusion and social injustice, enable the assessment of the role of education as a transformer of society and provide resources to achieve an education in and from Social Justice.

The studies of the University Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice are part of the UAM’s “Official Postgraduate in Education”. They intend to train experts and experts specialised in Social Justice and education, promote job placement to work in this field, as well as provide the tools and strategies necessary for research.

General information

  • CoordinationNina Hidalgo
  • Modality: Presence-based
  • First edition: 20/16(2017
  • Duration: One academic year (60 ECTS)
  • Registration period:  January 21 to may 17 2019

The Master has been designed with the main objective of training students in a way that allows them to start a research career and / or improve their professional specialization within the scope of an education committed to society.


All curricular actions are aimed at students acquiring certain skills, through the teachings of their subjects, which will be required to be able to grant the degree.


The Master is organized into 12 subjects, of which each student must take 11. Of them, 10 are theoretical, all of them with 5 credits: 8 compulsory and 2 electives from which the student must choose one. In addition, students must complete an external internship (6 credits) and the Master's Final Project (10 credits). All this will add up to the 60 credits of the Master.

External internships

External internships are compulsory and essential to develop professional and / or investigative skills located in real environments. It will be developed, with the inter-institutional coordination of two tutors, on Specific Agreements in one of the Practice Centers of the Network of Practice Centers of the Master.

Tutorial Action Plan

The Master has a Coordinated Tutorial Action Plan with the one already developed in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Through this Plan, the student is accompanied throughout their training, developing and / or coordinating the academic and personal support necessary for all the students of the Master to carry out their studies satisfactorily. For this purpose, a tutor will be assigned to guide their studies, direct the Master's Final project and, as a priority, will be the tutor assigned for the practices.


The practical subject "Dissertation" has 10 ECTS credits assigned, which means 250 hours of student work. Its character is mandatory, and in no case is it validated. In order to defend the Master's Final Project, it is an essential requirement for its presentation to have passed the rest of the master's subjects including external practices. He will be defended before a court that will classify said work.


In this link you will find the complete information for the Access and Admission of the Official Masters of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Teaching team

The Masters' teaching team is essentially constituted by professors who belong to the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice.