Innovation and Development

One of the objectives of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid is to promote innovation actions on education for social justice in formal and non-formal education settings. 




The Chair carries out different innovation and development actions, including the following.

  • During the 2020/21 academic year, the Chair has collaborated with the Getafe City Council to design a Plan to fight school segregation in the municipality. The project, entitled “Measures to address School Segregation from the local Administration: School Segregation in Getafe: Diagnosis, Causes and Measures” (2020-2021), has been funded through a collaboration between the Getafe City Council and the UAM through of the II Program for the Promotion of Knowledge Transfer of the UAM.
  • The Chair develops actions to improve education from a Social Justice perspective through the Network of Twinned Schools for Social Justice.  These actions aim to deepen the knowledge and development of an education thorugh democracy using a Project-Based Learning approach. Thus, on the one hand, the improvement of the democratic culture in schools is being addressed, incorporating processes of reflection, action and training that favor the creation of more democratic schools and classrooms. And, on the other hand, actions are being developed to teach democracy in the participating schools.
  • The Chair Collaborates with Teachers for Future Spain in the development of teaching materials on the climate emergency situation that we are experiencing and its consequences.
  • The Chair supports the UAM Olympic Studies Center in the activities developed through its “Fair Play Committee” which works to sustain the value of sport as an individual and social educational resource, both in theory and in practice. 
  • It is creating a Center for exchange, support, advice and training on methodology and formative evaluation in Physical Education.
  • In collaboration with RIADIS, the Chair is organizing the Physical Activity Observatory. 
  • It is organizing a Network of educational centers of good practices in Physical Education for Social Justice.
  • The Chair is working on the design of a prototype of a “smart life-saving swimwear” from the transfer project funded by the Program for the Promotion of Knowledge Transfer of the UAM (2019-2021).
  • The Chair is developing a study for the identification and systematization of good educational practices in and from social justice.