The purpose of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid is to promote an integrated system of research, development and innovation, disemination, training, and documentation on education and social justice. The Chair will facilitate collaboration between high-level, internationally-recognised researches and teaching staff of the University and other institutions in Spain, as well as elsewhere in Europe, in Africa, in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in others regions of the world.

The specific objectives of the Chair are to:
  • To develop interdisciplinary research with our partners to advance knowledge in the field of Education for Social Justice and disseminate results widely; raise awareness of the importance of Education for Social Justice for society; and advocate for its inclusion in the education policy agenda.
  • To develop curricular material on Education for Social Justice (a postgraduate program, e-learning and shorts courses) and train students, faculty specialists and teachers at different levels of education as well as educators from non-formal contexts.
  • To promote innovation actions on Education for Social Justice in formal and non-formal education settings.
  • To foster networking, sharing of knowledge and good practices at the local, national and international levels notable through the creation of research networks and a International Center for Documentation on Education for Social Justice, a dedicated website, publications and international conferences.
  • To cooperate closely with UNESCO and existing UNESCO Chairs on relevant programmes and activities.