Round Table “Cañada Real: Resistencia, Dignidad y Justicia Social. Un año después”

The round table discussion on the violation of human rights relating to the cutting off of the electrical supply to Cañada Real Galiana took place one year after the original round table at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Last Monday marked 500 days and 500 nights since that 2nd of October when 4000 people began to suffer these conditions for which no dignified solution has been provided by the competent institutions.

María José Sobrino, Dua Akrikez and Ignacio Campoy participated in the discussion signalling the historic moment in which Spanish society finds itself. “There is no one institution which defends human rights that has denied that in the Cañada those rights are being violated” said Ignacio Campoy, adding that this matter deals with a conflict between democratic and antidemocratic powers and interests, and if there is no reaction to a situation like this, only a few kilometres from the centre of Madrid, “we will have deteriorated as a society”.


The revindicative neighbourhood movement and the different associations, collectives and national and international organizations that are denouncing the situation and demanding a dignified resolution, have not only not obtained a solution, but have been exposed to aporophobic attitudes and hateful messages that have aggravated the situation and divided the general population.


The meeting drew the attendants closer to the everyday reality which is experienced in Cañada Real, raising awareness and servings to amplify the call to participate in the actions that are being undertaken, and provide urgent and highly needed help.