8M campaign: “Procedures for a feminist education”. Claiming a Feminist Education for Social Justice

This 8M, International Working Women’s Day, from the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice, we are vindicating one more year a Feminist Education, an essential element in this transformative look towards a fairer and more equitable society 


On this occasion, different actions are proposed for educating in and from feminism. It is no more than a reminder of some of those actions that, for sure, are more present each day in educational contexts. However, they need to be spread and set up in a conscious and urgent way.


Appart from making those proposals visible, that will be disseminated along this month, through this campaign we aim to create a space where specific examples that are being carried out under this purple look can be shared, as well as suggesting other strategies with the final goal of, in a collaborative way, claiming for a Feminist Education as a part of the Education for Social Justice. 





You can have a look at the whole campaign down here: