Upcoming seminar "How neoliberalism governs us? From institutions to subjectivity" organised by the MIRCo research group

The MIRCo research group (Multilingualism, Social Identities, Intercultural Relations and Communication) of the Autonomous University of Madrid, to which Luisa Martín Rojo, a member of the research and teaching team of the Chair, belongs, organizes the seminar “How does neolibralism govern us? From institutions to subjectivity “for April 23, 24 and 28.

In a situation where neoliberalism extends its market logic to spheres beyond the economy and penetrates public and private life, reaching institutions such as health or education, several questions arise: What makes it possible for neoliberal principles to colonize the different spheres of our lives? How can you counter neoliberal rationality and reverse the practices and techniques that govern our behavior and shape our subjectivity? How is it constructed and what role does neoliberal discourse play and how can we avoid reproducing it or internalizing it?

This seminar is framed in the search for answers to the questions raised above, and it will count with the presence of highly recognised researchers in the study of neoliberalism. In addition, the book Language and Neoliberal Governmentality by Luisa Martín Rojo will be presented, which provides an empirical study of the neoliberal reasonning and the discursive and linguistic mechanisms by which it permeates society and individuals. These dates coincide with the 20th anniversary of the MIRCo research group of the Autonomous University of Madrid. 

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