Luisa Martín Rojo

Professor of Linguistics at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is a member of the scientific committee of the International Association of Pragmatics (IPrA) and of the CRITICS Foundation (Centers for Research into Text / Talk, Information, and Communication in Society).

Specialist in sociolinguistics, deals with multilingualism in education and other fields, whose results have been published in international and national journals. From the Discourse Analysis, she has studied the social representations of immigrants in press, parliamentary and daily speeches and their social repercussions, for which she was appointed national expert by the European Observatory against Racism and Xenophobia (EU). She has directed several research projects on the management of linguistic and cultural diversity: Racism on the top (EU), the project “Cultural and linguistic diversity: a proposal for strategies and resources for education” (CM) and “Socio-analysis pragmatic of intercultural communication: towards integration in classrooms »(R&D).

She coordinates a consolidated interdisciplinary research group at UAM, Multilingualism, Social Identities, Intercultural Relations and Communication (MIRCO):