The latest issue of REICE dedicated to School Segregation is now available

The last monograph of REICE. Ibero-American Journal on Quality, Effectiveness and Change in Education is available. The magazine, directed by F. Javier Murillo (also director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice), focuses on School Segregation and includes articles by some of the leading experts on the subject in Spain, Latin America and Europe.

In total, the number has 15 contributions in which 39 researchers from fields as varied as Education, Sociology, and Economics, Anthropology or Psychology make their particular contribution about school segregation in their contexts, which makes the publication an essential part of the literature dedicated to segregation.

In the presentation, the coordinators of the number and members of the Chair, F. Javier Murillo and Cynthia Martínez-Garrido, do not hesitate to affirm that “segregation is not an unwanted collateral effect product of innocent educational policies that only seek to improve education quality. School segregation is a conscious and deliberate act of oppression”. Given these sharp words, it seems clear, if we want to combat the oppression that school segregation supposes and generates, we must understand it in a deep way.

Today, segregation takes on unparalleled complexity. On the one hand, we recognize an increase in the levels of school segregation in many countries. On the other hand, it tends to be softened with terms such as quality, freedom of choice or equal opportunities. The capitalist market logic is introduced in education and with it school segregation becomes a more than effective mechanism to legitimize social inequalities.

In this excellent monographic number, REICE manages to place segregation as a priority on political agendas and helps to spread the knowledge that contributes to fighting against this conscious and deliberate act of oppression.

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