Representations on Social Justice

This line of work aims to deepen the study of human development and the social representations of Social Justice that the different members of the educational community have: students, teachers, families, managers and institutional leaders in different fields and educational, social contexts , political and cultural. 

Some of the publications and theses generated from this workstream are:

    • Albalá-Genol, M. A. (2020). Representaciones y actitudes hacia la Justicia Social de futuros/as docentes: factores implicados y posibilidades de mejora. (Doctoral Thesis). Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.
    • Sainz, V. & Jacott, L. (2020). What Do Secondary Education Students Understand About Social Justice? Students Representations of Social Justice in Different Regions of Spain. Interchange, 1-22.
    • Albalá-Genol, M. A. & Maldonado, A. (2019). Representaciones de justicia social y orientación a la dominancia social en maestros y maestras en formación. Revista INFAD de Psicología. International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology, 5(1), 225-234.