Representations on Social Justice

This workstream aims to deepen the study of human development and social representations about Social Justice that different members of the educational community have: students, teachers, families and leaders in various educational and social settings and contexts.

Currently, the line focuses its work on the following areas:


  • Representations on social justice of teachers and students of Primary, Secondary, and University education through different methodologies. Dilemmas are used to explore these representations, which is allowing us to know in greater depth what these representations are, what differences exist, what their evolutionary development is, etc.

  • Childhood, citizenship and participation are being investigated through focus groups of experts in the management of programs that promote child and youth participation in the Madrid City Council.


  • Narratives on sexual and gender diversity from which there are two doctoral theses in progress “From (constructing) narratives of the LGTBQ + teaching staff” and “Representations of injustice. Sexual and gender diversity, narratives and bullying ”.

Some projects developed are:



  • “Young citizens on the margins”.

Some publications are: 

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