Open letter to young people fighting for the climate. Reflection after the International Strike against Climate Change

On March 13 we met to put on the table, disseminate and critically argue the need for the strike for the climate of March 15, 2019. After a presentation of the Chair’s project by Javier Murillo, in the interventions of Adrián Almazán and Jorge Riechmann raised the underlying reasons that, in this year 2019, make more urgent than ever a decisive action against climate change, and not only. Loss of biodiversity, shortage of materials, a suicidal economic model … All of them elements that are part of our crisis.

However, the protagonists of the day were the students. Not only because they literally crowded the conference room of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, but because we could hear in their own mouth both the reasons that are driving them to organize themselves in the wake of Greta Thunberg and their plans for the near future. We thus fulfill a main objective of this Chair, to give voice and visibility to organizations that fight for social justice on and off campus. In this case the young people who are trying to move from socioecological literacy to social transformation.

Adrián Almazán, after the coordination of the previous Conference and his participation in the Strike, shares an interesting Open Letter to young people in the fight for climate