Art and participation

This workstream is focused on exploring the possibilities of art and education for learning about Social Justice in all its facets and for the promotion of democracy and peace. The line of work has three objectives:


  • To promote citizen participation by planning artistic actions of educational and social interest.
  • To contribute to the decision-making of public educational and social policies that influence the presence of Art Education in regulated education.

  • To study, promote and disseminate the results and the social impact that art has as a tool for Education in and for Social Justice.

It also collaborates with the Master of Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid through the subject “Education, Science and Art for Social Justice”, as well as in various courses of the Teaching Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education.


Some of the projects developed are “A/R/T/E/GRAFÍAS (2019)” from which several recourses have been generated, for example:  Mapa ENDE, Mapa Exposiciones enREDadas and Mapa ARTEspacios.