Art and participation

This workstream aims to study, promote and disseminate the results and the social impact of art as a tool for an Education in and for Social Justice. From this workstream, citizen participation is promoted by planning artistic actions of educational and social interest, as well as it is intended to contribute to the decision-making of public educational and social policies that affect the increase in the presence of Artistic Education in education regulated at all educational levels.

The workstream investigates the possibilities of art and artistic education for the promotion of peace and democracy and learning about social justice in all its facets. Among others, from 2018 to 2021 we participated in the R + D + i Project of Excellence “Democracy in Schools as the Foundation of an Education for Social Justice” (Ref. EDU2017-82688-P). Fruit of this research has been declared in congresses, articles and book chapters have been published.

Through collaborative actions and work in red with other UNESCO Chairs and Centers, as well as with other artistic research groups and educational centers of different stages, we work on the identification and systematization of good practices that are carried out from Artistic Education for Justice Social. Likewise, in collaboration with the DEMOSPAZ Institute, the Art and Peace Laboratory has been created.

Another of the essential actions of the workstream of Art and Participation is the elaboration of didactic materials in analog and digital format for Artistic Education in all educational levels of formal education (children, primary, secondary and higher education) and not formal. It also collaborates with the Master of Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid through the subject “Education, Science and Art for Social Justice”, as well as in various Master’s Degree courses in Infant and Primary Education.

It is important to highlight the Project “A / R / T / E / GRAFÍAS” from which the ENDE Map of artistic research groups has been created with the intention of facilitating knowledge of the location of the Faculties of Fine Arts and Faculties of Education and Training Teaching staff, in addition to knowing the different lines of research, collective and private research projects. In parallel, the Mapa Exposiciones enREDadas  and Map ARTEspacios has been created.