"XII International Conference on Art Education 2.0 (2020): Art and Participation" coordinated by Ángeles Saura

Ángeles Saura, responsible for the Diffusion and Dissemination Area of the Chair, coordinates the XII International Conference on Art Education in 2.0 key (2020). Art and Participation (#JornadaMESOB), in collaboration with Grupo GICEInSEADEMOSPAZ and UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice.

These E@ Conferences are organized annually since 2009 from the Autonomous University of Madrid and form a web space for the sharing of experiences and research work presented in videoconference format. It is an event open to international participation and since its inception there have been face-to-face sessions in countries such as Spain (Madrid and Jaén), Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador or Venezuela.

The E@ Conference on May 11 begins with a virtual meeting via ZOOM for the opening of the Virtual Expo and Art Education Week by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, as well as the delivery of the ARTEespacios Awards. The day also includes a round table on art and participation, and will end with a conference entitled “# MañanaEmpiezaTodo”.

For more information on how to participate in the event, click on the following image: