Ángeles Saura Pérez


  • Visual artist. Valencia, 1960
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UCM, 1980-1985
  • Doctor of Fine Arts from the UCM, 2005
  • Master in Educational Informatics from the UNED, 2003
  • Expert in Open Distance Education by the URG, 2004
  • Secondary Education Officer; Subject: DRAWING, 1993-2008
  • She works in the Faculty of Teacher Training of UAM since 2004
  • Associate Professor since 2004.
  • Full Professor of University School since 2008.
  • University holder since 2017.
MASTER’S DEGREE in Education for Social Justice: Education, Science and Art for Social Justice
MASTER’S Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate: Teaching innovation and initiation to educational research in Drawing
GRADES Infant and Primary Teaching:
Fundamentals of artistic, plastic and visual expression in Infant Fundamentals of artistic, plastic and visual expression in Primary
Audiovisual and ICT communication in Art Education
CHILDHOOD AND Primary School:
Development of plastic expression and its teaching
Plastic expression for students with special educational needs
Artistic expression for students with hearing and language difficulties
SECONDARY and Baccalaureate:
Plastic and visual education
Image and Expression
Audiovisual Communication
Artistic drawing, Volume
Design and Technical Drawing



Art: Production and research in artistic techniques.

She has held numerous national and international individual and collective exhibitions since 1985 and organizes as a curator, numerous international collective exhibitions, among which are:

AVATARES; Sample of collective and international self-portraits. Organized in code 2.0., Itinerant and presented between 2010-2013 in 25 exhibition halls in Brazil, Cyprus, Cuba, Spain, USA, Italy, Panama, Portugal and Venezuela. Catalog at: http://cort.as/yMFk EnREDadas: More than one hundred collective and international exhibitions with different themes, all the information at: http://exposicionesenredadas.blogspot.com.es/. These include those organized in the La Corrala room (enREDadas 2013: http://cort.as/93jr and enREDadas 2014: http://cort.as/Gmt-) and those organized in the Faculty of Teacher Training; ART-useful (2015: http://cort.as/-0oKp), ART and Social Justice (2016: http://cort.as/hOJP) and ARTEspacios (2017: http://proyectoartespacios.blogspot.com. is/ ). 

Artistic education:

Digital resources, art and information technologies.

Creator of the online consultation computer application Virtual Library of Artistic Teaching (2003, www.artenlaces.com), she has coordinated from 2008 to 2017 the research group recognized by the UAM: PR-007 entitled “Digital resources for artistic education ” He has created more than one hundred monographic blogs for art education (http://cort.as/-0oJe) and analyzed another 230 of different teaching-artist authors. He collaborates with the Santillana Publishing House in the project “La casa del Saber”, Resource Library for Teachers.

Teacher training for Infant, Primary and Secondary Education:

Coordinates the Master of Secondary Education in the specialty of Drawing since its creation, where it teaches the subject of Innovation of the specific module. Principal investigator of the International Project “Interterritorialities 2.0: Possibilities for the continuous training of the art education teacher in the Latin American context”, sponsored by Banco Santander with € 10,500 in collaboration with the UAM (2009-2010). Convinced of the need for continuous and lifelong training and the need for specialization in teachers’ Artistic Education, she is the creator of the international network Artistic Education in code 2.0 www.arteweb.ning.com active from 2010 to 2017 and currently emigrated to the Facebook platform (https://www.facebook.com/Ed.Artistica.2.0/). This social network, sponsored at first by UNIVERSIA (Banco Santander) and then by the UAM Department of Art Education, is made up of more than 2300 Latin American professors-artists; From it she develops training projects in collaboration with different universities in Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Spain, Portugal and Venezuela.

Development of solidarity projects related to children and women, especially those at risk of social exclusion. Collaborate with UNESCO in the worldwide celebration of Art Education Week (since 2013) and with various NGOs such as the Food Bank of Madrid and Project Now.