UNESCO presents a summary report of a survey on national educational responses to COVID-19

At the end of April, UNESCO published the “National education responses to COVID-19: summary report of UNESCO’s online survey“, which collects the national educational measures of various countries from all continents.

The survey compiles responses to the multiple challenges that countries face due to the health crisis, among which the management of the repercussions of closing schools, adaptation to distance education and ensuring access to learning and well-being stand out.

Finally, the document lists a series of recommendations for governments to take into account in future decision-making. Some of them are:

    • Focus on minimizing the impact on learning with a special emphasis on equity and inclusion.
    • Pay special attention to the social and emotional development and general well-being of the students.
    • Establish various learning and monitoring possibilities in the framework of distance education.
    • Invest in long-term development measures to achieve more resilient educational systems.