The I Meeting of the international teams of the R+D+i project "Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for Social Justice" is held at UAM

The UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice participated in the First Meeting of the international team of the R+D+i project “Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for Social Justice“. This first meeting coincides with the first half of the project, which consists of a total duration of four years. The project stems from the work in Education and Social Justice of the Research Group Educational Change for Social Justice (GICE) and starts from the premise that “every search for Social Justice must be, at the same time, an effort to democratize” (Fraser , 2008). The main objectives of the project are:

    • Know the conceptions of educational agents about democracy and its exercise in the context of the school.
    • Understand the political meanings and meanings that underlie the democratic school culture.
    • Deepen the knowledge and development of democracy for an education in and from Social Justice through an action research process with a network of schools committed to Social Justice.

This first meeting with the different participating research groups was held between February 25, 26 and 27 in the Mixed Room of the Plaza Mayor, Cantoblanco Campus. Thorughout these days of intense work, the advances and proposals for each of the complementary studies of the R+D+i project (phenomenological study, ethnographic study and action research) were shared and an agenda of future tasks was agreed upon. The international and multidisciplinary nature make this project a space for discussion with a multitude of perspectives and approaches, thus enriching the channels for achieving the main objectives.