The campaign "Sumamos y Proponemos. Que lo esencial deje de ser invisible" of CEIPAZ, DEMOSPAZ, WILPF Spain and UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice begins

The Chair has had the opportunity to join the campaign “Sumamos & Proponemos. Que lo esencial deje de ser invisible [We Add & Propose. Let the essential cease to be invisible]” together with the Center for Education and Research for Peace (CEIPAZ), Institute of Human Rights, Democracy, Culture of Peace and No Violence (DEMOSPAZ) and the International League of Women for Peace and Freedom Spain (WILPF).

The challenges derived from the COVID-19 crisis go beyond managing the pandemic itself, making societies consider the future to come. A future that is increasingly evident as different from the reality prior to the crisis. In a situation like this, challenges arise, but also opportunities to redefine the parameters of today’s economic, political and social models. It is an opportunity, above all, to transform towards a sustainable way of life with the environment.

In the face of uncertainty, it is necessary to create spaces and instruments to avoid potential authoritarian temptations, as well as citizen polarization through the reinforcement of the social fabric and the community building, putting at the center those groups in situations of vulnerability and deprived of their rights. For this reason, the “Sumamos y Proponemos” campaign seeks to connect, generate links and create support networks between people and organizations that in the crisis situation has chosen to add, dialogue, imagine, explore, cooperate, protect, care for and build alternatives to an egalitarian, inclusive and sustainable future.

You can join the campaign through social media and adding the #SumamosyProponemos hastag to your publications.