Juan Gutiérrez will coordinate the short course UAM "Memory and education for peace: Strands of living peace"

Juan Gutiérrez, mediator and researcher for Peace, Founder of the Gernika Gogoratuz Center and the Hebras de Paz Association, will coordinate a short-term UAM course between January 28 and February 20, 2020.

This course addresses the role of memory in building positive peace. Propose to create a common memory based on acts of compassion and humanity and not on feelings of revenge. From his project: “Strands of living peace” tries to answer the question:

  • How to think the violence of this world in a non-victimizing and despotive way ?.
  • How to deal with violence?
  • How to deconstruct the image of the enemy and the logic of the opposing sides?

These and other issues will serve as guidance for this practical and participatory course that offers methodological tools and teaching resources to analyze the role that memory plays in coexistence and peace building, from an active citizenship and committed to values of peace and human rights. It is about exploring how to develop strategies that allow to move from a culture of violence to a culture of peace. .

Objectives and competences

• Understand and critically analyze violence, the notion of positive peace and its relationship in the construction of memory.
• Develop skills and strategies to build stories and stories that favor the construction of peace and coexistence.
• Identify the appropriate tools for the development of educational and artistic projects aimed at building positive peace based on the notion of strands of living peace.

Recipients or graduates or students of Social Sciences, Humanities, Psychology, Law, Social Work or related disciplines and all those interested in the subject. Practical and participatory methodology, which will use various group dynamics to promote learning.

The course will rely on reading materials to deepen some concepts and the classes will be a space for interaction in which debate, argumentation, and the realization of games and dynamics will be encouraged.

The experience, interests and needs of students will be taken into account to integrate it into the learning process and enhance the diversity of student contexts and experiences.

Here you can access more information about the course and registration.