From this workstream we seek to study and disseminate the use, results and impact of Service-Learning as a powerful experiential learning tool that contributes to the development of competencies of an Education in and for Social Justice. For its development, the leadership and work developed over several years by researchers from the Chair are used. The proposal is based among other actions, in the project “ERASMUS+ KA2 Programme project. Rural 3.0: Service Learning for the Rural Development (RURASL)”. The Project is developed in collaboration with eight universities from different European countries and eight community partners, mostly Local Action Groups (LAGs) that receive funds from the EU LEADER program to support rural development (2019-2023).

In addition, the Chair has joined the Research Network in Service-Learning in Physical Activity and Sports for Social Inclusion (RIADIS) which integrates capacities and resources directed towards teaching and research excellence in the field of inclusion in Physical Activity and Sports (AFD). As well as, from the workstream the II Days of University Innovation have been organized. Good practices of Learning-University Service in Physical Activity and Sport.

Since the creation of the Chair, the following publications of this workstream have been made:

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