Round table “Claiming an Education for Social Justice”, video already avaliable

The Round Table “Claiming an Education for Social Justice” organized by the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid has been an enriching and emancipating space where the different participants, Isabel Galvín, Ricardo García, Núria Simó and Juan José Vergara, have been able to provide different points of view that help us to understand and give meaning to a concept (Education for Social Justice) which is shown as a necessity for the prosperous future not only of education, but also of the society.

Changing the paradigm of the school is not an easy task, neither immediate. But what all the participants converge on is that we need, in Freirian terms, critical hope to develop an Education for Social Justice.

We must begin to think as a community, supporting and vindicating those good practices for Social Justice. As Isabel Galvín has well mentioned, paraphrasing the words of Eduardo Galeano, there are people “Many small people, in small places, doing small things,  can change the world”.

Education for Social Justice must be a reality for all without exception. We must begin to eliminate those passive attitudes suffered by many people in the educational community. This Round Table leaves us many interesting reflections to build an Education for Social Justice, reflections that allow us to glimpse that change is not only necessary, but possible.