Resources to work on sexual and gender diversity

The school is not only a space to learn from the different subjects and to acquire new knowledge and skills. At school, the youth develops comprehensively, which also includes personal and emotional development. In this process, the educational community has the responsibility to address issues such as sexual and gender diversity.

Sexuality has traditionally been a taboo topic. However, it is something intrinsic to the human being. As educators, we need to support our students in the process of identifying their desires, managing their emotions, freely living their sexual orientation, knowing their rights over their own body and over their privacy. In addition, through sexual diversity education we promote respect for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, and thus preventing homophobic behaviors and attitudes.

Sexual and gender education is essential for diversity to be recognized as a virtue and for schools to become spaces of freedom, democratic coexistence and justice. Work on sexual and gender diversity can be done through teaching materials, but also through literature or cinema, among others.

That is why from the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice we have compiled some resources that can be used in the classroom to educate on equality. They can be accessed through our website. Furthermore, we encourage you to share your resources and recommendations. For this, you can send us an email to