"Pandemic Pedagogy. Functional Reproduction or Antihegemonic Education", article by Henry Giroux, Pablo Rivera-Vargas and Ezequiel Passeron in the International Journal of Education for Social Justice

The extraordinary call “Consequences of the Closing of Schools by Covid-19 in the Educational Inequalities “from the International Journal of Education for Social Justice has allowed us to collect a great diversity of perspectives, thus generating a number that stands out for its multidisciplinary wealth.

The article “Pandemic pedagogy. Functional reproduction or anti-hegemonic education” by Henry Giroux, McMaster University (Canada), Pablo Rivera-Vargas, University of Barcelona (Spain) and Andrés Bello University, (Chile), and Ezequiel Passeron, Andrés Bello University ( Chile) and the NGO Faro Digital (Argentina), highlights the interconnection between a health crisis with a political and ideological one.

In the context of crisis, public services, mainly health and education, have been central to the protection of social welfare. However, these services have been repeatedly devalued by mainly neoliberal policies, so, as the authors affirm, this crisis “cannot be separated from previous crises caused by massive inequalities in wealth, income and power (… ) nor can it be oblivious to the crisis of democratic, educational and environmental destruction values that have been dragging on for decades. “

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