Meraki Choir interprets “Talking’ Bout A Revolution” with the collaboration of Voices for Social Justice”

Meraki, Coro de Aula de Músicas has interpreted Tracy Chapman’s “Talking’ Bout a Revolution” in this video recorded during the confinement and directed by Cristina Fernandez Correa. This song was part of the project entitled “Five Faces of Oppression by Marion Young trough five songs” included in the project Voices of Social Justice.

Throughout the music, the choir gives an opportunity to deal with oppression and injustice through a clear and radically pacific activity which promoted peace and social cohesion. Music education as a social movement works with the community from the context knowledge and the real problems affecting them (Elliot, 2007). By working from this approach, the music teacher becomes a social activist.

The project was presented for the first time in the 1st International Congress of Human Rights, Democracy, the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. The project proposes to work the Five Faces of Oppression approach from Iris Marion Young through five different songs. Each of them deals with a topic related to one of the faces of oppression proposed by Young:

    1. Violence: “Zombie” (Dolores O’Riordan – The Cranberries)
    2. Cultural Imperialism: “Antipatriarca” (Ana Tijoux)
    3. Exploitation: “Rebelión” (Zaz – Solfónica 15M)
    4. Powerlessness: “Talking ‘Bout a Revolution” (Tracy Chapman)
    5. Marginalization: “Clandestino” (Manu Chao)