María del Río Dieguez

Doctor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Professor of the Dto. of “Artistic, Plastic and Visual Education” of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM): Degrees in Infant and Primary Education and “Master in Art Therapy and Artistic Education for Social Inclusion”

Complementary training: U. Expert in “Artistic Education” (UCM); Master’s Degree in “Art Therapy” (UCM); Master’s Degree in “Psychotherapeutic Intervention” (UNED); Diploma in “Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy Based on Full Care” (UMASS Medical School); Diploma in “Personality, Trauma and Resilience” (Spanish Institute of Resilience); Ericksonian Psychotherapy Expert (Erickson Institute Madrid); U. Expert in “Mindfulness in Health Contexts” (UCM); Certified Teacher of “MSC” (Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, University of California, San Diego); and Certified Teacher of “MBSR” (Mindfulness Center at Brown University)

Current teaching and research activity: Member of  GICE Research Group (Educational Change for Social Justice); Within the Interdepartmental Research Collaboration Project for the development of research projects on art therapy, between the departments of “Artistic, Plastic and Visual Education” and “Psychiatry” of the Autonomous University of Madrid, signed in 2007:

Responsible for the “Art Therapy” Program of the Psychiatry Day Hospital of the U. Puerta de Hierro Hospital and

Collaborator of the Psychiatry Service of the University Hospital of La Paz for the Development of “Art Therapy and Mindfulness” programs in: Chronic Pain, Oncology and Trauma.

Member of the Research G “Serious Mental Disorder” of the U. Puerta de Hierro Hospital; Researcher of the Project “Study for the comparison of the efficacy of a Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Program against a Cognitive-Behavioral Program for the improvement of Self-care and Quality of Life in patients with Chronic Pain”, of the U. La Hospital Peace; Professor of the Master U. Integrative in Art Therapy of the University of Girona.