Manuela Mesa's new article now available in the journal SINERGIAS

Global citizenship education in times of pandemic: a proposal to promote resilient societies


Manuela Mesa looks at the present shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic and finds important changes and new needs in global society, economy and politics. In this article, with an eye to the future, she suggests a series of proposals to promote resilient societies based on education as a tool for social transformation that is indispensable for humanity to achieve the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice and the most authentic and harmonious personal development.
In a scenario marked by the recognition of the vulnerability of human beings, the precariousness and failures of political and socioeconomic structures hitherto taken for granted, the unequal distribution at local and international level among citizens with different socioeconomic conditions of the effects of global crises, the collapse of production and employment and the growing inequality in access to security, health and education.
Manuela Mesa recognizes and reflects on the role of education, thus highlighting the importance of building an education for global citizenship that takes into account the mutual linkage of all human beings living on Earth and the values of union, dialogue, equity, creativity, joy, humor, resilience and solidarity, which according to the author are the best lessons left by the pandemic.
She proposes a transformation of education that should begin with the redefinition of educational content to include the recognition of the diversity of knowledge and inclusive and pacifist emancipatory narratives that place human beings at the center.  In addition to deepening the notion of global public goods, pragmatically exploring the concept of inequality, adopting a feminist perspective, networking and transforming words into actions and building open and democratic horizontal structures based on co-responsibility.


Mesa, M. (2021). La educación para la ciudadanía global en tiempos de pandemia: Una propuesta para promover sociedades resilientes. Revista Digital Sinergias, 12, 13 – 23.