Manuela Mesa participates in the new publication coordinated by Rafael Díaz Salazar: Ciudadanía Global. Una visión plural y transformadora de la sociedad y de la escuela

Global citizenship. A plural and transformative vision of society and the school is a publication coordinated by Professor Rafael Díaz Salazar, in which our colleague Manuela Mesa has participated.

Overcome violence, understand conflict, and build global citizenship that results in peace. This is how Manuela Mesa’s text, “Violent Conflicts, Peacebuilding and Global Citizenship, can be understood”.

Mesa starts from a heartbreaking diagnosis: She cites the Alert 2019 report, which indicates that there are currently 34 armed conflicts in the world, most of them located in Africa and Asia (with 16 and 9, respectively); however, neither Europe nor America are alien to this phenomenon.

This means that millions of people are living in contexts where a culture of violence prevails, which is not only limited to armed conflicts, but also to insecurity and high homicide rates (mainly in Latin America)The path of peace building urgently requires the transformation of education, in order to build new global values ​​such as empathy and the recognition of all people as subjects of rights. This change requires the participation of social, state and international institutions, in order to eradicate the various forms of violence (direct, structural and cultural), and achieve, sooner rather than later, peace and social justice.