June 2022: Vol11(1) of the International Journal of Education for Social Justice has been published

The International Journal of Education for Social Justice, arbitrated and edited by the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the publication service of the same University, publishes its first issue of the year 2022.

This issue entitled “Education in the indigenous context for Social Justice” –Vol. 11, no. 1– has been coordinated by Miguel del Pino Sepúlveda and Silvia Castillo, and includes various articles by renowned national and international researchers.


The objective of the monograph is to produce knowledge together with the actors and their communities, uniting science and society, between scientists and social actors in order to respond to the socio-educational demands of the countries from the perspective of their citizens and institutions, in a diversity of cultural, linguistic and territorial contexts.


Access the full issue at: