Juanjo Vergara and Rocío Copete share with El Diario de la Educación their learning experience together with a group of educators in training in India "Learn from what they hear, teach from what they shout"
Rocío Copete organised, with the support of Juanjo Vergara, a ten-day stay in India for 24 educators in training from the Community Services department of the IES Barrio de Bilbao. Juanjo Vergara is a collaborator of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice, an expert in educational innovation, active methodologies and project-based learning (ABP). In addition, Juanjo chairs the Educational Innovation Laboratory and is a founding member of Schools Twinned by Social Justice network.

This recent training stay in India has consisted of visits to Design for Change schools, shelters for “street” children, as well as interventions under a participatory approach with the “untouchables” children of the caste that work in the country’s brick companies. The educational project seeks to bring future educators and educators closer to the complex reality of children around Delhi where hundreds of children continue to work 10-12 hours a day making bricks.

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