International Day against violence and bullying at school, including cyberbullying

The first Thursday of November it is celebrated the International day against violence and bullying at school including cyberbullying declared by UNESCO to recognize thar violence in the school environment in all its forms violates the rights of children and adolescents , and their health and welfare.

School violence has serious consequences for boys, girls and young people, for this reason UNESCO seeks to combat it through olitical leadership, safe school environments, support for affected students, and cooperation with families and other agents.

This year, UNESCO’s actions on this day have been focused on cyberbullying. Due to the pandemic, online socialization has grown, especially among youth, which is why cyberbullying has increased. In this sense, the events and activities include:

  • General information about the International Day 2020.
  • Resources on the scope, nature and consequences of bullying.
  • Testimonials from ministers, students, parents, teachers, and other school personnel.
  • Graphics and messages for social networks

More on the official UNESCO website.