F. J. Murillo will be participate in the VIII Colloquium of the Ibero-American Network of Researchers on the Evaluation of Teaching (RIIED) “The educational evaluation: Current challenges, Approaches, Experiences and Models”

On the morning of November 4, 2021, F. J. Murillo, Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice at the UAM, will give a keynote speech entitled “Towards a teacher evaluation that contributes to Educational and Social Justice” during the VIII Colloquium of the RIIED that will take place virtually between November 3 and 5 , 2021.

RIIED has, once again, organized this great academic meeting with the aim of promoting reflection on the evaluation of teaching that takes place in institutions and educational systems of the countries of the region in order to attend to the different contextual realities. 

The central theme will be the experimentation, challenges, complications and challenges that higher education has and had during the pandemic and the adoption of distance education that to this day continues to be implemented throughout the world.

The event program is made up of conferences, round tables, talks and presentations given by speakers from different  universities in Latin America. There will also be the presence of the student body and the general assembly of the RIIED, which will close this event. 

For more information and detailed access to the program you can enter by clicking the following link: https://didaie.net/riied/ProgramaColoquio.pdf