El Foro de Sevilla opens a discussion forum on its website on "Manifesto for another education in times of crisis: 25 proposals"

In moments of great uncertainty and concern about the health crisis, El Foro de Sevilla calls for reflection and discussion for an education that contributes to the defense and promotion of Human and Children’s Rights in the face of the possible temptation of an increase in social control and authoritarianism over citizenship after the period of confinement in Spain.

The implications of the health crisis in the Spanish educational system has exposed and widened numerous gaps already existing among students. However, the institutions have urged to keep pace and demand, showing a low sensitivity towards more disadvantaged groups by not taking into account inequalities in social and family contexts.

Understanding the right to education as something essential for progress towards equity, El Foro adopts a clear position and urges collective reflection on the type of education necessary for the present and future of our generations. For all these reasons, El Foro has opened a discussion forum together with a manifesto with 25 proposals, which are accessible from the following link: