Culture of peace and global citizenship

This workstream aims to promote education for a culture of peace through research, training and transfer. The culture of peace refers to a process oriented to the peaceful transformation of conflicts in the personal, group and international spheres; pursues values related to social harmony, equality, justice, human rights, diversity, solidarity and respect for nature; and that promotes capacities related to dialogue, empathy, the ability to build consensus, to analyze, to address conflicts from creativity and imagination.

It is developed in collaboration with the Center for Education and Research for Peace (CEIPAZ) and the DEMOSPAZ Institute and based on projects, publications and public activities.

It currently maintains two major active projects:

    • TICambia is an educational space that offers educational resources and conceptual frameworks on five thematic axes (development and fight against poverty, human rights and peace, gender equity, environmental sustainability and cultural diversity). The project aims to contribute to strengthening the skills necessary to understand the world in which we live, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
    • The Proyect Hebras de Paz consists of collecting, verifying, selecting, improving the presentation in appropriate formats, ordering in a digital medium and making public true stories in which in the context of violent times or situations they appear in order to graft them into the collective memories already formed in each country that currently exclude them. 

 Since the creation of the Chair, the following publications have been made: