Center for Olympic Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid

The Center for Olympic Studies is created with the purpose of promoting, stimulating and developing activities in agreement and collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Olympic Academy, related to research and dissemination of the Olympic Movement, the philosophical and humanistic principles that make up the spirit of the Olympic Games, as well as their circumstances, historical and sociological evolution.

The Center for Olympic Studies (CEO) is part of the Department of Physical Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid and is integrated into the structure of the Chair.

Among its activities, the Center for Olympic Studies:

    • Participate in the international meetings that the International Olympic Academy holds annually.
    • Edits, together with the Autonomous University of Madrid, the magazine “Citius, Altius, Fortius. Humanism, society and sport”. The journal publishes high-quality research papers and essays on sport and physical activity from such perspectives as historical, social, educational, and humanistic, with a special emphasis on Olympism and the Olympic Movement.
    • He is a member of the “Fair Play Committee” that will publish, as a contribution to the editions of the Chair, a work entitled “Sports mode of rescue and first aid: a sport that educates in the values of the Olympic ideology” in the International Journal of Education for the Social justice.