Book Day 2020. An opportunity to promote an education in values and the development of critical thinking in our environments

The Book Day is celebrated on the 23 of April, which is a worldwide commemoration with the aim, among others, of promoting reading. Coinciding with the health emergency situation and respective measures to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus, such as confinement and almost complete closure of economic activity, the book sector is suffering profoundly from the consequences. On the contrary, ebooks sales have soared due to the impossibility of acquiring paper titles and the VAT reduction approved by the Spanish Government. Even with the shops clousure, there are means for the acquisition of paper books, the main format that supports bookstores.

The Chair has collected a compilation of titles for children and youth audiences, as well as for the adult public, which revolve around themes related to Social Justice. These readings contribute from a pedagogical perspective to the development of critical thinking and contribute so that both individuals and families can share moments of reflection, mutual care and calmness.

There are also several initiatives for interaction from home to share reflections and readings. An example is the initiative of the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds of Spain with the hashtag #GraciasLibro #GracièsLlibre #Eskerrikaskoliburua #Grazaslibro. This campaign aims to turn social networks into a huge reading room by uploading a photo in the reading corner of your home.

If you have any recommendation that you think can be added to the reading list, do not hesitate to contact the Chair via email: