Bárbara González Ruiz

Doctoral candidate in Education from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
Master in Education, Mention in Quality Management (2019) from the Miguel de Cervantes University (Talca, Chile).

University Master’s Degree in Quality and Improvement of Education (2014) from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Quality in Programs of Attention to Diversity (Madrid, Spain).

Professor of Basic General Education and Degree in Education (2008) from the Universidad Católica del Maule (Talca, Chile). Mention in Mathematics Education (2008).

Due to her outstanding personal and professional career, she was awarded a competitive scholarship called “Scholarship for Master’s Degree Abroad for Education Professionals” 2012 call, granted by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of the Government of Chile, currently called National Research and Development Agency (ANID).

For twelve years he has taught in the classroom in Basic Education in Chilean educational entities. Parallel to his work as a teacher, he has worked coordinating the application of the PISA Test in Chile and has participated in different projects aimed at achieving an education for Social Justice.

Currently, he is a Member of the Management Team of a school in Chile and his main role is to lead the Curricular Project of the establishment, advising the Director in making decisions regarding the programming, planning, organization, supervision and evaluation of the development of activities curricular.

He is also a Member of the Research Group “Educational Change for Social Justice (GICE)”, participates in the Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME), also collaborates in the Virtual Community of Learning, Activism and Research, Schools for Social Justice and is part of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.

His main lines of research focus on: Education for Social Justice, Leadership and Educational Improvement, Inclusion and Service Learning.