8M campaign: “Procedures for a feminist education”. Claiming a Feminist Education for Social Justice

On the occasion of the International Working Women’s Day, this March 8 we have launched a campaign claiming a Feminist Education for Social Justice.


For this reason, different actions for educating in and from feminism have been proposed. We have aimed to make a wake-up call on these actions that are more present each day in the educative contexts. However, they need to be spread and set up in a conscious and urgent way. 


The campaign has been displayed from the different social media accounts of the UNESCO’s Chair on Education for Social Justice. We wanted to invite reflection about the proposed actions, as well as encourage the revision of the teaching practices carried out in the educative context. 


The proposals have gathered the following plans:


  1. To integrate women’s knowledge.
  2. To include games that do not perpetuate gender roles.
  3. To offer training to the educative community.
  4. To examine from a feminist point of view: interventions, pedagogical material and syllabus.
  5. To use an inclusive and non-sexist language.
  6. To teach sex-emotional education.
  7. To address patriarchy directly.
  8. To be a feminist example.
  9. To offer non sexist academic and professional orientation.
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