World Health Day 2020. Another day to contribute in a context of crisis

In 1948, the World Health Assembly proclaimed April 7 as World Health Day, the year in which the World Health Organization (WHO) was founded with the intention of raising awareness and coordinating efforts against deadly global diseases. This organization has developed various campaigns to promote healthcare that reaches everyone, in search of universal healthcare coverage. However, this remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges, where many people still do not have access to quality health care or a guarantee of even receiving such care.

This year, the context of crisis experienced worldwide by the coronavirus pandemic has forced a parenthesis in the lives of millions of people, abruptly replacing one daily routine with another. In this sense, this parenthesis does not prevent those people furthest from situations of risk or vulnerability from contributing their bit.

This crisis is an opportunity for us to strengthen the social fabric of our societies through empathy, solidarity and respect. To become aware that this crisis arises in a system flawed by inequalities and injustices, where many people find themselves in various situations of vulnerability. This not only accentuates the need for both individual and social commitment, but should also make us reflect on the role of public services such as health or education to close gaps between one another.

It is also an opportunity to change the times of our day to day, to give peace to the body and the mind, and to seek change in the “little things”. We have the technology to carry our messages outside our homes through social media and other online communication platforms. However, we are also presented with the opportunity to promote habits and processes of social transformation that strengthen a democratic culture among and from our closest surroundings.