What are the beliefs of Spanish teachers about Inclusive Education? A new study published in Higher Education by Carmen Márquez and Noelia Melero-Aguilar

There are few studies in Spain focused on what teachers know and believe about inclusive education, that is why Carmen Marquéz and Noelia Melero-Aguilar asked 119 teachers from 10 Spanish public universities: What do teachers know about inclusive education? What do they think inclusive education is? and Who do they think should be included and why?

To answer these questions, the authors carried carried out based on semistructured interviews. 

Results show that beliefs of university teachers can be grouped into three categories 1) Inclusive education as equal access 2) Inclusive education as attention to students with disabilities 3) Inclusion as inclusive teaching practices. Likewise, the findings of the study show the deficiency of the Spanish educational system in relation to inclusive education, since a third of the participants declared that they did not know anything about the subject and it was found that only a minority group includes it in their teaching.


You can read the full article:

Márquez, C. y Melero-Aguilar, N. (2021). What are their thoughts about inclusion? Beliefs of faculty memebers about inclusive education. Higher Education, 1-16. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10734-021-00706-7