The Chair will participate in the presentation of “Justicia Educacional. Desafíos para las ideas, las instituciones y las prácticas en la educación Chilena”

Next Wednesday, March 17th at 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time), F. Javier Murillo, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice at the UAM, will participate in the launch of the book “Educational Justice. Challenges for ideas, institutions and practices in Chilean education” edited by Camila Moyano Dávila member of the Center for Educational Justice.

In the editor’s words “the work empirically and theoretically reviews the concept of educational justice, from its implications in the construction of specific ideas about education, educational institutions and pedagogical practices. In this sense, the ideas address issues related to sexual diversity, disability and medical diagnoses constructed in the school context, among others”.

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