The Chair participates in the Seminar: Changing times and critical juncture in a global society

On Friday, October 14, the Seminar “Changing times and critical juncture in a global society” was held, organized by the DEMOSPaz Institute and the Cultura de Paz Foundation, with the support of the Department of Equality, Justice, and Social Policies of the Government of the Basque Country.

The seminar revolved around two axes: risks and opportunities. The purpose was to address, through joint reflection and debate, the changes in the international system over the last 15 years to identify and discuss the risks, challenges, and opportunities that arise in the international system with a view to the future.


They discussed the weakening of democracy, the emerging threat of the ultra-right movements, the transformations of economic and social structures, the fragmentation and reorganization of markets and global production chains, the war in Ukraine, etc.


The discussion was held in three blocks:

  • Block I. Changes in the international context to explain the present.
  • Block II. Changes in the regional context to explain the present.
  • Block III. The future to be written.