The Chair holds a workshop at the IES Barrio de Bilbao on the different dimensions of democracy in the school

On Wednesday, February 12, the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice had the opportunity to have the collaboration of PhD and Master students from the Autonomous University of Madrid for the development of a workshop on the perceptions of a group of students from the Professional Training (FP) in sociocultural and tourist animation of the highschool Barrio de Bilbao, Madrid. The highschool is part of Red de Escuelas Hermanadas por la Justicia Social, a space for the exchange of experiences and collaborative work committed to social transformation through education.

The workshop began with a first brainstorm, where students expressed their different perceptions or conceptions of democracy on the board. After that first reflection, the group of the Autonomous University of Madrid made a brief introduction to the dimensions of democracy, based on the theoretical framework used by the Chair.

After the introduction of the 5 dimensions (governance, habitation, recognition, culture and curriculum) that were going to work, the workshop was divided into groups for discussion and reflection of their experiences in the educational field with respect to these dimensions. Then, it began the collaborative construction of a map of ideas and experiences on the dimensions worked. The purpose of this last activity was to visualize how far or near their ideas and experiences were from what the students understood as democracy in the. The workshop culminated with a request by the organizing group to assess the activity through the Mentimiter program, which allowed the (positive) dynamics assessments to be received immediately.