The campaign "Let the essential cease to be invisible: We add and we propose" closes

After four weeks, the campaign “Let the essential cease to be invisible: We add and we propose” comes to an end. More than a hundred texts and posters that include the values ​​of care, the common good, creativity, cooperation, justice and equality. A manifesto shared among more than a thousand people and organizations that have supported him on social networks. This campaign has been a commitment to dialogue and solidarity, as an alternative to polarization and hate speech that are very destructive and prevent the construction of alternatives to tackle this pandemic.

This pandemic offers the opportunity to reorient social priorities and focus on all those essential tasks for life: care, the right to public education, art and culture, a solidarity economy, protection of the environment, interdependence and dialogue.

We can achieve it from the collective, uniting capacities and knowledge with the desire to build a better world. We continue in other ways, join our network. So that “the essential becomes visible and is at the center of life”: we add and propose and continue to draw our path.