F. Javier Murillo participated in a seminar on "Initial Teacher Training in Inclusive Education and for Social Justice", organised by the University of Bio-Bio, Chile

The programme Strengthening of the Initial Teaching Training of the University of Bío-Bío (FIDUBB), developed in agreement with the Chilean Ministry of Education, organised the seminar in the Aula Magna of the Fernando May Campus, under the title “Building bridges between education for Social Justice and Inclusive Education in the context of initial teacher training. ” The FIDUBB, where this seminar is framed, is a national macro project to support teacher training that is carried out from a consortium of Chilean universities and aims to improve the quality of the initial training received by those who will educate future generations of citizens.

The seminar was attended by two experts in the field, F. Javier Murillo, director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice, and Cynthia Duk, director of the Center for Development and Innovation in Inclusive Education of Central University of Chile. F. Javier Murillo shared his reflections on the relevance of a teacher training for Social Justice generating critical learning spaces and being committed to the improvement of opportunities for students and society in general. On the other hand, Cynthia Duk, presented the principles and challenges of an Inclusive Education in teacher training, among which highlighted the lack of consensus in the evaluation of educational processes that would allow to verify if the decisions taken are consistent with the principles of inclusion and equity.

In this sense, any efforts put into the searching for synergies between both approaches is another step towards the consolidation of teacher training committed to equal opportunities and social transformation.