Roundtable: "What do we do with school segregation policies"

Today, October 18, 2019 Javier Murillo, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice, participated in the round table “What do we do with school segregation policies” at the Ateneo de Madrid  – Nueva Estafeta Room at 5:00 p.m. This round table aims to reflect and debate on school segregation policies, which are picturing the privatization processes of the education system and the “free” choice, which restrict the right to education in Spain.

Javier Murillo shared the table with Carmen Rodríguez, Professor of Didactics and School Organization at the University of Malaga, and with José M. Martín, Teacher of the Primary Education School “Carlos Cano” of Fuenlabrada, promoter of the “Inclusive Popular School Legislative Initiative ”In the Community of Madrid. Julio Rogero, member of the Pedagogical Renewal Movements, coordinated the table. 

You can check the summary made by El diario de la educación about the roundtable here