“Que lo esencial deje de ser invisible” Sumamos y Proponemos campaign book is published

The campaign “Que lo esencial deje de ser invisible”: Sumamos y Proponemos has been a commitment to dialogue and solidarity, as an alternative to polarization and hate speech that prevent us from building alternatives to tackle this pandemic.

To compile everything that this campaign has taught to us, and to make the essential visible, we have created an online publication that includes their Manifesto, and more than 40 articles and designs made during the campaign. In addition, readers can find the participation of Federico Mayor Zaragoza who prefaces the book with some wise words.

Remember that this campaign has been a joint effort, the result of a “network of networks” made up of 5 organizations that have worked together in the field of a culture of peace, mediation, education, pacifist feminism and human rights.

With this publication, we want to remember that this Campaign has been a small sample of all those practices that sustain life and the collective from mutual support, solidarity and citizen cooperation, and that lay the foundations to build an inclusive and sustainable future.