Pilar Pérez Camarero

Lecturer at the Department of Artistic, Plastic and Visual Education of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid.


She has a PhD in Fine Arts (Complutense University of Madrid, 2002), postgraduate in Ananitic Psychology (Ramón Llul University of Barcelona, 2006), her own degree “Artistic Education Expert” (Complutense University of Madrid, 1996) and Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialty of Painting (Complutense University of Madrid, 1995).


Research lines: Art education; Visual decoding in the intercultural and diverse environment; Children’s drawing in multicultural contexts in the age of graphic realism; Dream Imaginary; Artistic and performance creation.


She currently teaches in the subjects “Qualitative research techniques” in the Master of Art Therapy (UAM), “Applied Art Therapy” in the Master of Art Therapy (UAM), Fundamentals of plastic expression in Early Childhood Education (UAM), and She is Tutor of the Practicum of Teaching Degree and the Master of Art Therapy of the UAM.


Creates academic performances referring to a type of vital activism, together with her work as a university professor, always rethinking identity: woman and teacher. As a painter, the iconographies she develops are related to her work on the imaginary and dreams, a space in which she researches with daily notebooks of continuous drawing and writing since 1996. Her figurative specialty is portraits, particularly symbolic portraits where she seeks to connect with the imprint of being, with the sensitive creature, beyond the field of appearances. She has a long experience in dream analysis work linking self-knowledge to creative processes and working with very diverse groups in the university, outside it, in Spain and in other countries (France, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal etc.).