Thesis defense: "Creating democracy in schools. An ethnographic study on power, community and education"

On October 17, 2019, Guillermina Belavi, member of the research and teaching staff, defended, in the boardroom of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Autonomous University of Madrid, her doctoral thesis entitled “Creating democracy in schools. An ethnographic study on power, community and education” directed by F. Javier Murillo and Carlos Giménez. This thesis has been developed within the framework of the R&D research project “Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for social justice” (Ref. EDU2017-82688-P). Next, Guillermina Belavi gives a brief description of the study:

“This thesis is about democracy and education. It enters the schools to investigate and interpret the core of his policy: how are community relations, how is power built and what education do they choose to do. It is a study of the school culture of centers that work daily for a collectively defined educational objective and that from there give meaning and reality to equality, freedom and solidarity within the educational community. We are interested in understanding this daily task in its daily development, so that the thesis goes back to the origins of the subject and takes up the Dewey tradition that considers democracy as a way of life. Using the thought of Cornelius Castoriadis, in addition, returns the political element to the concept, incorporating a critical vision, of questioning and transformation of education.”

tesis Guille