Next Sunday, January 24, the International Day of Education is celebrated

ismail-salad-hajji-dirir-v7FT5ngIEfA-unsplash (1)

On January 24, the third edition of the International Day of Education is celebrated and, on this occasion, the celebrations carried out by UNESCO will revolve around the theme “Recover and revitalize education for the COVID-19 generation.”

This International Day of Education aims to:

  • Stimulate commitments and actions to ensure educational recovery, increase inclusion and reduce drop-out rates,
  • Celebrate initiatives led by governments, educators and organizations as well as partnerships to build back more resilient and inclusive education systems,
  • Advocate for increased financing and best practices in equitable education funding that effectively serves the most disadvantaged (new global country profiles on UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report website go live on 24 January, PEER)
  • Give a voice to the COVID-19 generation to express their concerns and aspirations in the face of a future under the shadow of economic recession and climate change.

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