New evidence on the clear and direct impact of School Segregation on students' academic performance. A study published in the journal Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas by F. Javier Murillo and Sandra Carrillo

F. Javier Murillo and Sandra Carrillo have found solid evidence of how school socioeconomic segregation affects the efficiency of the educational system, as well as the educational opportunities.

The objective of the study was to estimate the incidence of segregation by school socioeconomic level on student performance with data from the Student Census Assessment (from the Ministry of Education of Peru). The results show that school segregation has a clear, direct and measurable impact on performance in the three areas analyzed. Segregation was also found to be more determinant than the average socioeconomic level of the school. Likewise, the study shows that the concentration of students with families of lower socioeconomic status in the school has a negative impact on students’ overall performance. On the other hand, the concentration of students with families belonging to a higher socioeconomic level improved students’ performance.

You can read the full article:
Murillo, F. J. y Carrillo, S. (2021). Incidencia de la segregación escolar por nivel socioeconómico en el rendimiento académico. Un estudio desde Perú. Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas, 29(49). 5129