Mónica D. Sánchez-Aranegui

Doctor of Fine Arts from the UCM with a mention of European PhD, degree in Psychology from UNED, Master in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, Relational and Cognitive Science from the University of Alcalá, DEA in Applied Creativity, Master in creative and documentary photography.

Assistant professor doctor in the department of artistic, plastic and visual education at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has also worked as an associate professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM, in the painting department (2016-2019). For four years she has been director of the degree in Fine Arts of the TAI University Center, attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University, where she has also been a lecturer. Director of the title of expert in Design, visual arts and digital creation. She collaborates with various universities and institutions in the delivery of workshops, in various disciplines. She combines her professional career as a teacher and researcher as a therapist, facilitator of visual thinking, as well as with artistic creation, having won numerous awards and exhibited his work in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective. Multidisciplinary artist, she has also been an assistant to artists such as Ouka Leele, Lidia Benavides, José María Mellado, and has also worked in curating, video editing, retouching and image printing, 3D simulation, design, etc.

Her main line of research is the use of artistic tools to foster creativity and work emotional management for the development and well-being of being.